How does a player Sync?

Mobile App
Most commonly, players download the Sqord app to their mobile device from the iOS App Store or the Android Market.

Android App

iOS App

When the mobile app is installed, players simply need to launch it, and then tap their Pod rapidly until it blinks to start a sync. Their points will be displayed to them instantly, and sent to Sqord Online.

Desktop & Laptop
Players without access to a compatible mobile device can sync via any laptop or desktop computer via Sqord's SqordSync software. Users without a Macintosh computer from at least 2012 will also need our Bluetooth USB dongle.

In addition to using the Sqord mobile apps on iOS or Android, players can also Sync their Activity Points at any publically available SqordBoard. SqordBoards can be found in participating schools, community centers, and businesses.

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