What Devices Are Compatible with the Sqord Mobile App?

In order to sync a player's data from their Booster to a mobile device, that mobile device must meet two main conditions:

1) A device must support Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE, which is available in Bluetooth 4.0 and above. 

2) It must provide a working API for BLE that allows our Sqord app to access BLE on that device. This is present in some (but not all) Android 4.3+ devices. An API is a set of instructions that allows piece of software to trade data with another piece of software. Without it, the Sqord app can't send it's data over BLE, even if BLE is present on the device.

So what is BLE? BLE, or Bluetooth Low Energy is a very commonly used method for device-to-device communication.

Almost all mobile devices and tablets that are currently for sale support it.

However, many devices made in the recent past do not support BLE as defined above, including many Android-based devices, the original iPad and iPad 2, and iPhone 4 and below. As a result these devices will not be able to run the Sqord mobile app.

A more comprehensive list of the devices that support BLE is available from Bluetooth:


More information on syncing, and some alternative Sync methods can be found  here.

Sqord currently does not have software to support Amazon Kindle or any Chrome OS products.

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