Getting Started with Sqord

To Get Started, first you need a Booster.

If you don't have a Booster already, ask a parent to click the green "Buy" button at the top right of our web site. We'll send one in a jiffy.

If you're playing Sqord through their School or Youth Organization, follow these steps to get started:

  • 1) Sync the Booster. This will start the Booster recording points (if it isn't already), and show the Player's username, if it has been set. More information about syncing is available in our knowledge base.
  • 2) If syncing shows the Player as a new user, register a new account.
  • 3) If syncing shows a username, log in with that username and the password provided by your Team Admin.
  • 4) Create a Parent Login at our Family Portal to help your Player have a great experience, monitor their progress, and have access to a wide range of current and future tools and resources.

If you (or someone else) bought Sqord through our web site, or were given one as a gift, follow these steps to get started:

Then What?

Are you still reading? Go play! Your Booster will score the intensity and duration of your activity, and when you sync, that activity turns into Activity Points... and those turn into wins, rewards, Sqoins, and bragging rights when you log into Sqord Online.

The rest is up to you!

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