The Sync app doesn't seem to work. What do I do?

This article assumes that you were able to install the app on your mobile device. If you're not able to install it, search this knowledge base for more information about compatibility.

So, the app is installed and running, but you can't sync.

1) Check that your device is connected to the Internet.

2) Check that your device has Bluetooth turned on. 

3) Stay within 10 feet of your mobile device while your sync attempt is underway.

4) If there is a lot of wifi or radio interference in your area, try getting closer to the device when you attempt to sync.

5) Turn the audio up on your device and listen for a chirp when you sync. If you tap your Pod, and it starts blinking, you should hear the Sqord app chirp that it has heard your Pod, and the sync is underway. If you do not hear a chirp, it is unlikely that the Sqord app has heard your Pod.

6) In some cases, when there is a lot of interference or if your Pod has a lot of data, a sync can take several seconds. If you do hear the start chirp, stay in range for 60 seconds to make sure the sync finishes. When it does, you'll hear the success chime and be presented with your Activity Points for the day. 

7) If your Pod does not blink when you tap it, then a Sync has not started. Tap your Pod sharply until it blinks to initiate a sync.

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