What do I do with a non-responsive Pod?

First, double check that your Pod actually is not responding. Tap it sharply on a tabletop or with a pencil for at least 5 seconds, while you are within 3 feet of a listening sync app or SqordBoard.

If it blinks yellow, the Pod has power, has detected your tap, and is trying to broadcast.

If you don't get any response, then check the battery. The Pod uses a lithium coin cell CR2330 battery, which can be difficult to find in a local store, but is easily ordered on the  Sqord online store.

Removing and re-inserting the battery will produce a green and then red light. If this does not occur, either your battery is dead, or the Pod is defective.

Try replacing the battery. If that doesn't work, contact Sqord about obtaining a replacement Pod.

Note that when you open the Pod to check the battery, you need to seal the Pod tightly in order to maintain its waterproof seal.

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