What do I do if I see water inside my Pod?

The Sqord Pod is waterproof when it leaves our factory, but it is made to be opened so a player can change the battery. When that happens, it needs to be sealed back up tightly.

Since sometimes a player might open it up out of curiosity, a Pod may be opened and re-sealed more often than it needs to be.

So if you do see water inside the Pod, follow these instructions:

1) Sync it. Get your points off before you disconnect the battery.

2) Open it up, and remove the battery.

3) Dry out the plastic pieces and dab the moisture off of the electronics with a paper towel.

4) Let it air dry for a while, and then put it back together.

You want to make sure to close it tightly. If you can get a fingernail in the seam between the upper shell and the lower shell, try and turn it some more.

The best way to close it tightly (or, in some cases, open it), is to use two hands, pressed super tightly between the lower parts of your palms. Squeeze and turn. 

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