How does a Player Get Started?

The first step to getting started is to get a Pod.

Once a player has a Pod, they simply need to download the app or go to To download the app, click here for Android or iPhone

There they’ll enter a little bit of information about themselves, and their Pod ID (which connects that Pod to their player account).

Then, players need to determine how they’re going to sync their points from their Pod. If you have a compatible mobile device, download the Sqord Sync app from the iOS or Android store. 

If not, you may choose to sync from your home computer. In some cases a SqordBoard may be available in your school, youth group, or local business where anyone can sync any time.

With a Pod, a player account, and a way to sync... that's all you need! Now just get moving. Every move you make earns you points. The more you move, and the faster you go, the more points you get.

Log into Sqord to see how you rank for the week on our Leaderboards, view your Activity Journal, Challenge friends, and customize your PowerMe with all the Sqoins that you will earn!

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