How does Sqord work?

A Sqord Player’s goal is to earn Activity Points.

To earn Activity Points, Players wear (or carry) a Sqord Pod while going about their everyday lives. The Pod continuously awards Activity Points. 

Unlike step-counters and pedometers, it doesn’t matter what the activity is. The Pod will award points for the intensity and duration of any physical activity. From walking, to swimming, to pogo stick, to scratching an itch, any activity, even a restless sleep, can earn some number of Activity Points. 

Players will transfer the Activity Points they have earned to Sqord by syncing their Pod every few days. This process takes only seconds, and can be done anywhere. Sqord has sync options for compatible mobile devices, desktop/laptop computers, or any SqordBoards.

With their points Synced, the Player can check the app or log in to to see the rewards they have earned from their activity. They can interact with friends and teammates, see how they rank on the Sqord Leaderboards, customize their online PowerMe character, and much more.

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