Syncing from the Desktop

Players can sync to any laptop or desktop computer with our SqordSync app, and our USB dongle.

Step One - Download SqordSync
SqordSync requires Mac (10.6 or above) or PC (Windows XP or above (XP Service Pack 3 and .NET Service Pack 3.5)), including Microsoft Surface running Windows 10.
Step Two - Install SqordSync
On Windows, Sqord recommends that you have the installer run automatically from the download link. Keep in mind that on Windows, individual virus/software/download protection software that you've installed may change the install process. Click "more info" or "allow" or similar options when presented with them.
On Mac (or if you didn't automatically run the download link on Windows) you'll need to locate the install file you have downloaded, and double click it to run it. Follow the instructions within. Sometimes the file you downloaded can be tricky to find. Your web browser placed the install file on your computer in your browser's default download location. Try looking on your desktop or your downloads folder.
Step Three - Launch SqordSync
Once installed, launch SqordSync to enable syncing. Whenever its running, it's listening for a Sync.
If you're using a Macintosh from 2012 or newer, you should be all set. All Windows users, and users of older Macs will need to proceed to Step 4, and obtain  Sqord's USB Bluetooth Dongle.
On a Mac you can find SqordSync in your applications folder. On Windows, you'll find SqordSync on your Start Menu or in your System Tray.
Step Four - If you need it, plug in Sqord's USB Bluetooth Dongle.
Plug the dongle into any available USB port on your computer or on a connected hub. There's no additional set-up to worry about.
On Windows, when you plug in the dongle for the first time, your computer may immediately begin downloading a different file called a "driver" that works in the background. Remember, you also need to install SqordSync.

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