Glossary of Terms

Activity / Activity Points
An Activity Point is Sqord's basic unit of measurement for a player's physical activity, generated by the intensity and duration of physical activity as scored by the Sqord Actvity Pod. For reference, there's about 4 Activity Points in a step. But players can get Activity Points for any activity.

Administrator / Admin
The organizing authority of a group of Players. An Admin has several powers and responsibilities, and access to a special administration panel for their organization.

A player's Backpack is where they will keep and find all items collected or purchased in Sqord Online, including medals, Squawks, Thought Bubbles, Sqoins, PowerMe items, and more.

The 2014 edition of the activity scoring device worn by Sqord players. Also called a pod, an Activity Pod, and formerly called a PowerPod.

A Burst is a single block of 15 minutes where the wearer recorded a high level of physical activity.

High Five
A positive communication from one Player to another in congratulations or support of an achievement. Just like giving someone a High Five in the hall way. Good job!

One of many rewards a Player can earn by achieving goals and milestones on Sqord.

An large-scale organized group of Teams who may share a Sqord experience over a large population or geographic area. For example, a League may be a School district or a league of sports teams or a number of youth organization locations.

The Market is a location within Sqord Online where players can spend their Sqoins on Squawks, Thought Bubbles, Power Me items, and more.

A user of Sqord who is wearing a PowerPod and trying to have fun.

The graphic character avatar that a Player creates to represent themselves on Sqord Online.

Activity Pod / Pod
The little plastic device that contains the actual hardware. The 2014 version of the pod was called the Sqord Booster.

The objective rating of a Player's overall Activity level, influenced only by measured physical activity. High Level indicates a long-term pattern of lots of physical activity. Lesser physical activity will result in lower levels. Level can decrease over time, if physical activity drops.

Social Message
A message sent from one user to another, or by Sqord to its users, shown in a list format on Sqord Online. It can be a Squawk, a High Five, a System Message, Thought Bubble, or a notice of a Win or a Loss, etc.

An ongoing game in which a player sets goals and tries to attain them within a set time period.

The name of the company and the service offering.

The tiny piece of software that must be installed on a computer to enable a SyncStation to function with it. 

A temporary division of a Team for purposes of competition, formed through a variety of means. All many-vs-many competitions take place between Squads, even if the Squads comprise the entire Team in competition with a Squad from another team.

A communication between two players, selected from a fixed menu, and sent via a Social Message.

A unit of Sqord currency that is earned through active interaction with Sqord, and can be used to buy many virtual additions to a Player's Sqord experience.

A high-visibility display screen where any Sqord player can Sync their Activity Pod, and see rotating messages from Sqord and the organization that hosts the SqordBoard.

The action a player takes to send data from their Activity Pod to Sqord, via our mobile app, or a publicly-available SqordBoard. Wearers of a 2013 PowerPod sync at a SyncStation.

The device that a wearer of a 2013 PowerPod taps his or her PowerPod on to sync with Sqord. A SyncStation is connected to a computer via USB.

The core group of Sqord Players that a Player will see and interact with on a regular basis, sometimes a divided into Squads. For example a Team might be the entire School or a sports team, youth organization or club.

Thought Bubble
A message communicated by a Player to everyone on the team to express his or her current thoughts.

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